Monday, July 12, 2010

My name is Pattimari

My name is Pattimari. My profession is psychology, my thrill is writing, my joy gardening, and my fun traveling.

I am a published author of 8 books; Time Heals, Forgiveness Mends, Lydia Between Two Worlds, Different Styles of Poetry, and Children's Short Stories for all Ages, Sometimes your Greatest Misery can be your Greatest Happiness, Valley of the Yellow Stones, Valley of the Yellow Stones: The Princess

My claim to fame: Published poem in novel "Men Don't Listen" and "Book of Poems."
I've written poetry since childhood.
I'm writing my eighth book.
I think my greatest claim to fame is helping others to find balance within themselves; to learn forgiveness, let go of past crisis and find that spot within themselves that has power to change their world. I believe we are all connected in this world, as ONE. What I do to help others, makes our world a better place to live, as well as my own life. Our thoughts are the controlling force and what makes our day turn out as it does. We can turn anything negative into the positive, thereby making our minds feel balanced and free; free to create good things. Free to listen to our talents and go forward with them. Free to love in an unconditional way. Free to sing our songs and experience life in a wonderful thrilling joyfull way. I believe it is truly up to us, as writers, as people, to reach out and help others find the balance. Find peace of mind.

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